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We offer hundreds of creative and arts courses.

Welcome to Amaze Motor Driving School – No.1 Car school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058. Learning to drive isn’t almost us getting a driver’s license, but is an important skill at all times. Since 2021 we have delivered great value for our customers. The reason why our motor school has become the simplest school is providing training, teaching, driving, and road safety!  We have a mission to show you safe driving skills. We’ve informative and interactive courses you’ll undertake.

Instructors at Amaze Motor Driving School are highly trained and groomed to meet your needs and will provide you with essential information about driving in emergencies, road rage car control, and how to get rid of driving phobias. They adapt to suit each learner while giving clear instructions, to quickly reach safety when you run into problems. Our Instructors will reach your doorstep to provide driving lessons in your car.